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Question from Jen, a parent:

Trying to help my Gr.4 son with his math and i am a little lost here are the
stem and leaf plots..
Stem Leaves
4          02
3          1226699
2           011255789
1           33357899

Stem Leaves
2          00011111223334455
1          566788899

Question - How are the ranges for the stem & leaf plots different?

Hi Jen,

The range of a data set is the difference between the largest and smallest elements in the set. I think what the teacher is asking is for your son to look at a stem and leaf plot and identify the largest and smallest entry, so in the first plot you sent the largest entry is 42 and the smallest is 13 and hence the range is 42 - 13 = 29. Some people might say the range is from 13 to 42. I am not sure how your son's teacher uses the word range.

I hope this helps,

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