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Question from karonn, a student:

Muthu bought the following items from a furniture shop which offers trade discounts of 15% on its furniture.

Item list price
office chair RM 250
office table RM 1400
book shelf RM 3500

(a) find the net price of each item.
(b) find the total payment if Muthu bought 3 office chairs, 2 office tables and a book shelf.

Hi Karonn,

You need to subtract 15% of the list price from each item and then calculate sum the discounted prices for the items purchased. For example if a filing cabinet has a list price of RM 3200 then 15% of RM 3200 = 0.15 × 3200 = RM 480. Thus the discounted price of a filing cabinet is RM 3200 - RM 480 = RM 2720.

I hope this helps,

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