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Question from Kathryn:

Can someone please help and let me know how do you convert 11 cubic meters into square footage?


Cubic meters and square footage are completely different things. Cubic meters are units if volume and square feet are units of area. You can't convert one to the other. Can you tell us what you are working with and what you are trying to convert?


Kathryn wrote back

Thank you Harley for your response. Strange one but we are advised in England when working in an office each person should have at least 11 cubic meters of space around them - but as most of the real estate agents are coming back with actual square footage it has been proving not as straight forward as I thought for working it out.
Many thanks once again for you quick reply


With a little help from Google we may be able do something. If you type 11 cubic meters in cubic feet into Google the response is 11 (cubic meters) = 388.461334 cubic feet. If you divide 388.46 by the height of the ceiling in feet you will obtain a square footage number for floor space. I'm not sure if this is the correct measurement in this situation as I am not sure what exactly the 11 cubic meters figure means. Maybe it is not to the ceiling but only to the height of the people in the office, say roughly 6 feet, or perhaps sitting height since this is an office.

I hope this helps,


Steve just sent me this

It is a UK document and explains where the 11 cubic meters comes from.


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