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Question from kristi, a student:

2 m 3 of soil containing 35% sand was mixed
into 6 m 4 of soil containing 15% sand. What
is the sand content of the mixture?


I assume there is a typo in your second soil mixture and it should be 6 m3 of soil containing 15% sand. I am going to work with this mixture. 15% of it is sand so 0.15 × 6 = 0.9 m3 of the second mixture is sand.

Calculate the number of cubic metres of the first mixture that is sand. Add the two sand contents to find the total number of cubic metres of sand in the final mixture. The total volume of the final mixture is 2 + 6 = 8 cubic metres so express the total amount of sand as a percentage of 8 m3.

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