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Question from MARLYN, a parent:

My son have this question. I am trying to help him but i don't understand

Which list shows number in order least to greatest?

A. 07;2/3. 1/5;0.6

B 1/5;06; 07;2/3

C 1/5; 06; 2/3;0.7

D 2/5;0.6; 1/5;0.7

Thank in advance for your help

Desperate mother

Hi Marlyn,

You have the four numbers 0.7, 2/3, 1/5 and 0.6 and you want to put them in order, smallest to largest. The challenge is that some are decimal fractions and the others are common fractions. I would convert them all to decimal fractions and then compare them. For example if one of the common fractions were 2/5 then divide 5 into 2 to get 0.4 and if one of the common fractions were 3/7 then divide 7 into 3 to get 0.4286.

I hope this helps,

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