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Question from Math, a student:

Daisy has $25.00 to spend on dinner. Her sister tells her to leave 18% of the bill as a tip and
the sales tax is 8% of the bill. What is the maximum amount she can spend on dinner in order to cover
the meal, sales tax, and the tip?

I usually tip 15% and the tax where I live is 7% so if it were me with the $25.00 then the maximum amount I could spend for dinner would be $B where

B + 15/100 B + 7/100 B = 25

that is

B + 0.22 B = 25


1.22 B = 25 and B = 25/1.22 = $20.49

Daisy is a bigger tipper than I am and her tax rate is 8% so she won't be able to spend as much.


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