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Question from michelle:

the front is 65.29
left side 162.26
the back 155.00
right side 101.01

right angle=50.00
left angle= 153.30

Thank You!


Before I do the calculations I want to make sure I have the diagram correct. The diagram is not to scale and I didn't measure the angles I just want to know if I have the angles you gave between the correct sides.


Write back and let me know.

Michelle wrote back

Yes that is what it looks like. It's a culdasac. Thanks! Michelle

Now that I am certain I have the angles in the correct places I can use our size caculator for four-sided lots. I labeled the verticies clockwise as instructed and input the lengths of the four sides and the angle at C as 50o. The result was 0.19 acres. I then redid the calculations with the angle at D as 153.3o. The result was 0.21 acres.

I expected closer agreement. The best I can say is that the area is 0.2 acres.


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