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Question from Noelle, a student:

Blood Type % Population
O+               37.4%
O-                 6.6%
A+               35.8%
A-                 6.3%
B+                8.5%
B-                 1.5%
AB+              3.4%
AB-                 .6%

I need to make another table showing the probablility of meeting someone in each of the eight blood groups. I'm not sure how to find the probability with percentages. Thanks for your help.


Percent means per one-hundred so 37.4% is just another way of writing 34.7/100 which is 0.347. Hence the proportion of the population with O+ blood type is 0.347. Thus the probability that a random person you meet has blood type O+ is 0.347.

I hope this helps,

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