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Question from Pat, a student:

If a lot of property is: front 127.87, back 156.17, one side is 129.73, the other side is 125.00, then how much total acreage is this.


Without more information the lot size can't be calculated. You can find an explanation at

If you know an angle measurement or the length of a diagonal you can use our acreage calculator at

Do you have a survey diagram?


Pat wrote back

Please see attached; it's the item that's boxed in, with a 3 on it.



From the diagram it looks like the angle between the north and east sides is a right angle (90 degrees). With that assumption I used our acreage calculator. I added the letters A, B, C and D to your diagram so that you can see how I used the calculator. My calculations gave 0.40989 acres. You should try it also to check my typing and in case you want to use it again.

I have one question however. From the diagram it looks like the length of the side from D to A is 26 + 127.87 = 153.87 feet. If so you should redo the calculation.


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