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Question from payal:

hi , i want to know the area of a pipe with 63.5 mm diameter and 3718 mm height . can u pls help me


Do you mean the surface area of the pipe or do you want the volume?

If you want the surface area you can imagine slitting the pipe from top to bottom and rolling it out flat to form a rectangle.


The rectngle will be 3718 mm high and the width is the circumference of the pipe which is π × 63.5 = 199.5 mm. Thus the area is 199.5 × 3718 = 741708 square millimeters.

If you want the volume of the pipe the the volume is π r2 h r is the radius and h the height. This gives

π (63.5/2)2 × 3718 = 11,774,615 cubic millimeters.

You can use our volume calculator but you would need to convert the dimensions to centimeters..


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