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Question from sam, a parent:

if you move 3,626 packages in 2008 and moved 3,202 in 2007 what percent difference do you have from 2008/2007.

Hi Sam,

When you we the term percent we should specify the percent of what. In the situation you describe, where a quantity changes over time from one value to another the percent change is the change (difference) as a percent of the starting value. Your value was 3,202 in 2007 and changed to 3,626 in 2008 so the chance was 3,526 - 3,202 = 424. This value, 424 as a percentage of the staring value, 3,202 is

424/3,202 × 100 = 13.24%

So the increase is 13.245 of the number of packages moved in 2007.

I hope this helps,

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