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Question from sandy, a parent:

i need to find out how to convert mg's to cc's i need to give 10 mg of liquid and 5 mg of liquid and i only have a dropper that measures cc's please help

Hi Sandy.

To convert from mass (milligrams; mg) to volume (cubic centimeters; cc), you need to know the density of the liquid.

If we assume the density of your liquid is like water, then the conversion from ccs to grams is 1:1 because 1 gram of water is 1 cubic centimeter. By the way, a milliliter (ml) is the same as a cc. Densities of liquids however vary considerably. You can see some densities at the SImetric site in the uk.

Since you want 10 mg and 5 mg, you want 0.010 and 0.005 ccs. These are very small quantities!

Are you sure you don't mean that you need 10 ml or 5 ml not 10 mg or 5 mg? If it says "ml" (or "mL") then that means the same as cc, so it is asking for 10 cc or 5 cc, which your dropper can dispense.

If in doubt with medication, definitely call your pharmacist or doctor!

Stephen La Rocque and harley Weston

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