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Question from Sylvia:

There were 4 people sitting in a row, truing to win $50.00 from a riddle.

The one in front was wearing a red hat.
The second from the front was wearing a blue hat.
The third from the front was wearing a red hat.
The last was wearing a blue hat and is blind-folded.

Each of them were informed that they are all wearing a hat, the last person is blind-folded and that there are 2 red and 2 blue hats. If they can guess the colour of their hat, then they win the prize.

There was a long silence, then one of them guessed the color of his hat correctly. Who was it?
and explain why.

(note that they can only see the person in front of them and are not allowed to turn around and
see behind them.)

Hi Sylvia,

I think the key to this problem in the statement There was a long silence.

The person who has the most information is the third person in the line. She can see two hats. She didn't respond immediately so what does that tell you about the two hats she can see? After the long pause person number two realizes why person number three was silent. What is her conclusion?


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