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Question from Tariana, a student:

hey i have a project to do and i was wondering , What sports use integers?

We have two responses for you


TI think they all do! Otherwise how would you keep score?

A soccer pitch is 100 yards by 60 yards.

In baseball, 3 strikes and you are out.

Internal diameter of a basketball hoop is 45 cm.

Count how many integers you see on the Wikipedia page featuring Lorena Ochoa.



Hi Tariana,

Do you mean only integers and never fractions? Any sport where there is a score and it isn't possible to get a fraction of a point. This includes hockey, basketball, golf, curing, baseball, lacrosse, football, soccer,
squash, judo, badminton, tennis and rugby.

Sports that are judged (eg. gymnastics), or involve time (eg. running), distance (eg. javelin), or any other scale that involves fractions (eg. weightlifting) use numbers that have several places to teh right of the
decimal point.


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