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Question from Thomas:

I have a 100 pound bag of sand. I need to know how much sand I will need to fill a 13 cubic foot cylinder

Hi Thomas,

It depends on the density of sand in pounds per cubic foot, and that is very much dependent on the amount of moisture in the sand. I looked on the SIMetric site in the UK and it has the density of sand ranging from 1442 kilograms per cubic meter to 2082 kilograms per cubic meter. You can use Google to convert these to pounds per cubic foot. For example if you type 1442 kilograms per cubic meter to pounds per cubic foot into the Google search window you will get the response (1 442 kilograms) per (cubic meter) = 90.0211192 pounds per (cubic foot).

Without knowing the density of your sand I can't do much more.


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