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Question from tom, a parent:

you have $1.00 and 1/5 of it is dimes, 2/15 is nickels, and 2/3 is pennies. How many coins of each are there. how do i set it up to solve this problem. thanks, tom

Hi Tom,

I think what you mean is that 1/5 of the coins are dimes, 2/15 are nickels and 2/3 are pennies. I would let n be the number of coins and the 1/5 ×n is the number of dimes. Since each dime is worth $0.10 the value of the dimes you have is

1/5 × n × $0.10

Find the value of the nickels you have and the value of the pennies. The sum of these three must be $1.00 so this gives you an equation which you can solve for n.


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