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Kim, a student:

I am given a graph with a wave. The amplitude is 5cm and the period is 4cm. I am suppose to find the angular speed. What I need to know is the formula for angular speed and how do I use these numbers to get the correct answer. Thanks Kim

Hi Kim,

I assume your graph looks like the following:

I assume you mean that the period is 4 seconds. The formula for angular speed is ω=2 π/T where ω is angular speed and T is period length. The unit for angular speed is radians/second. If you want to find the speed in cm/second, that is actually linear speed. The angluar - linear speed relation is v=r*ω where v is linear velocity and r is radius. Since you are given a sine graph showing distance versus time, your amplitude shows what the radius is for your angular speed.

Hope this helps,


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