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Question from Eniyah, a third grade student:

the title of my pictograph is Favorite pets. I have two columns. in my first column is th kind of pet and the second column is the numbers of students, no the dos have 16 student that like them and cats have ten students the likes them. each pictures equals 2 stodents my question is. i have to draw paictures to show the number of students for each row.  the key says each symbolequals 2 students. since 16 divided by 2 is 8 can you show me how to make this in a graph

Hi Eniyah.

I'll show you an example.

My three children are named Xeno, Yvette and Zane. Every day, they are supposed to make their own beds. I count the number of times they make their beds in a month and put one sticker on a pictograph for every five times they each make their beds.

In November, Xeno made his bed 15 times, Yvette only made her bed 10 times, but Zane made his bed 25 times, so I made this pictograph:

I hope this example helps you understand how to make pictographs, Eniyah.

Stephen La Rocque.



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