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Question from Amy, a student:

Coming from South Africa I find working with nickels, dimes and quarters confusing.
How many dimes are in a nickel and how many quarters are in a dime?

Hi Amy,

In Canada, where I am, and in the US, a dollar is worth 100 pennies. A nickel is worth 5 pennies and a dime is worth 10 pennies, so it takes 2 nickels to make a dime. A quarter is one-quarter of a dollar so it is worth 25 cents or 5 nickels. There is also a 50 cent piece which is worth half a dollar.

In the US there is a paper, one dollar note, a two dollar note although it is very rate, a five dollar , ten dollar and twenty dollar note. There are also larger paper notes. In Canada we have a one dollar coin commonly called a loonie because it has an image on it of a bird called a loon. We also have a two dollar coin called a toonie. We then have a 5 dollar note, a ten dollar note a twenty dollar note and others.

I hope this helps,

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