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    I have a math problem that I can't solve which just happens to be a "must-answer". The answer to the first problem is 25,452 and the second is 21,232. I know how to add but my teacher said that there is a pattern wherein you just have to look at the set of numbers and you already know the answer without really adding it first.  Here are the condition of the problem:
   1) the first, second and fourth numbers were provided by me. ( I have no idea how this works)
   2) the third and the fifth numbers were given by the teacher. ( She's the one who knows the technique)

# She says that there is a "pattern."
 Help me please as soon as you can. Thanks!!! Here it is:
         5454                                   1234
   +    3636                                   5678
         6363                                    4321
         2323                                    8765
         7676                                    1234
       _______                           _________
Please answer ASAP. Thank you!!!


I repeated your first column of numbers and highlighted the third and fifth numbers that the teacher inserted.

   +    3636                                  

Compare the third number to the second number.
Compare the fifth number to the fourth number.

Now can you see what your teacher did?


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