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Question from Bev:

Hi...I worked this part out, but want to know how many kilograms of gravel I will need...thanks

Cylinder shape.

A cylindrical shape that has a radius of 82 centimeters and a depth of 7 centimeters has a volume of:

= 0.14787 cubic meters
= 147870 cubic centimeters
= 0.1934 cubic yards
= 5.2219 cubic feet
= 9023.5 cubic inches
= 39.063 U.S. gallons
= 147.87 liters
* calculations accurate to 5 decimal places of precision


The weight of the gravel will depend on its density. I found this page which gives the density of various types of gravel in pounds per cubic foot. I am going to assume you have limestone just to illustrate how to make the calculations.

Limestone has a density of 165 pounds per cubic foot and you have 5.22 cubic feet so that's

5.22 × 165 = 861.3 pounds.

Now ask Google to convent to kilograms. Type 861.3 pounds in kilograms into the Google search window and Google responds with 861.3 pounds = 390.679108 kilograms.

This is a large aquarium!


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