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Question from Bill:

I have read many of your answers to similar questions but still need your assistance.
We have 16 golfers that will be playing in 4 groups of 4 each day on an upcoming golf vacation.
Can you suggest the best way to schedule the individuals assigned to each daily foursome
so that we have the most diversity in foursomes throughout the vacation. I am trying to have everyone
play with as many members of the group over the week with the least amount of repetition.
If you would please provide it for both 6 and 7 days, since we are not sure yet how many days
we will be playing.
16 golfers-playing in groups of 4 each day-6 days
16 golfers-playing in groups of 4 each day-7 days

Thanks for your help!


With 16 golfers there is a schedule where everyone plays with everyone else using 4 foursomes on each of five days. You can find it in the archive. On the remaining days just renumber the players and use some days of the schedule again. You can't do better.


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