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Question from dan, a parent:
suppose 3 days ago was a wednesday. what day of the week will 365 days from today be?

That's a total of 368 days. Since there are 7 days in every week using division with remainder, you can express that as a number (which you don't need to know) of complete weeks and a number of days left over.

Good Hunting!

PS: Many people find it useful to remember that after one normal 365-day year each fixed date (Christmas, Valentine's Day, your birthday) is one day later in the week. So if Christmas was on Thursday in 2008 it will be on a Friday in 2009.

This doesn't work for movable holidays like Easter, Passover, or Labor Day of course. And if a February 29th falls in between [a leap year is one with a number divisible by 4 (and NOT divisible by 100 UNLESS it's divisible by 400 - but the exceptions will not be a problem again in our lifetimes)] then add one more day.

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