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we are tearing down a wooden privacy fence, it is 180' in length and the boards are 4"w x 6' H x 1" thick
i have a truck that holds 15 cubic yards. I would like to know how many loads it's going to take to haul it off.

thank you for your help


I can do the calculation for you but I'm not sure that it will be very helpful.

Since you have your truck volume in cubic yards I would first convert the board measurements to yards. The boards are 4/36 yards by 6/3 yards by 1/36 yards. This each board is

4/36 × 6/3 × 1/36 = 1/162 cubic yards.

Hence it takes 162 boards to make a cubic yard.

Your fence is 180 feet long and each board is 4 inches wide so there are 3 boards in a foot. Thus there are 180 × 3 = 543 boards in your fence. Therefore the volume of the wood in your fence is 543/162 = 3.35 cubic yards.

The reason I said that this might not be very useful is that the number of boards you can load on your truck depends on how well you can pack them. My calculations assume that there is no space between the boards.


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