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Question from hana, a teacher:

put in lowest terms 6a^2c/8ab

Hi Hana.

That means "reduce" the fraction. Here's a similar problem I will solve:

Put in lowest terms: ( 15x3y3 ) / ( 25x2z ).

First, I reduce the co-efficients: 15/25 = 3/5 (because 5 goes into each).
Then, I reduce the x terms: x3/x2 = x/1 (because x2 divides into each).
Then I reduce the y terms: y3/1 = y3/1 (because there are no y's in the denominator).
Then I reduce the z terms: 1/z = 1/z (because there are no z's in the numerator).

Now just put it together: ( 3xy3 ) / (5 z ).

You can of course combine all this and do it in one step when you are good at it!

Try it with your question now, Hana.

Stephen La Rocque.

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