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Question from Jim:


I want to set up a spread sheet where i can enter my hourly pay or gross income,
and calculate my tax deductions. I have my old pay stubs but I am stuck when I
take the amount of the deduction and try to figure out the % used to calculate the amount

for example gross pay $1359, EI= $64, Fed Tax=$129, Prov tax = $35

these numbers I have provided are random but I think you can get the idea


Since the amount withheld for EI is $64 and the gross pay is $1359 the percentage withheld is $64/$1359 × 100 = 4.7%. Similarly the Federal Tax withheld is $129/$1359 × 100 = 9.5% of your gross pay.

You should try this calculation with several pay stubs to verify that the percentage is the same each month.


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