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Question from Kenneth:


I read the following in an old business mathematics textbook:
"Express 13 mills as a decimal part of $1.00."

I can determine the answer as follows: There are 1000 mills in or per
$1.00. 13 mills divided by 1000 mills/$1.00 equals $0.013, the answer.

My question is as follows: What does " a decimal part of $1.00"
indicate or represent from "Express 13 mills as a decimal part of

Is (a decimal part of $1.00) any decimal less than $1.00 with the decimal having a dollar sign
before it.

I thank you for your reply.


Compare this to a cent. Cent comes from the Latin word centum which means one-hundredth. Thus 13 cents is 13/100 = 0.13 dollars or $0.13.

Mill comes from the Latin word for one-thousandth and hence 13 mills is 13/1000 = 0.013 dollars or $0.013.


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