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Question from Larry:

Hi. I'm having trouble solving this problem. Would you be kind enough to point me in the right direction?
A die is loaded so that the probability of a particular face rolling up is proportional to the number of dots on the face. In other words, getting a six is three times as probable as getting a two. what is the probability of getting an even number in one toss?

Thank you.


First you have to figure out the probability of a face with n dots turning up. Take a look at the
probability being the the number of dots on the face divided by the total number of dots on the
die and see if that meets the requirements of the question.

Then you have to figure out he probability that one of three events occurs. The question to ask
is whether the events are mutually exclusive. The laws of probability tell you what to do depending
on the answer to that question.

Good luck.

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