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Question from Lillian, a student:

okay! so my math question is about the volume of a cone! my work sheet gave me the volume and base of the cone and asked me for the height! please help me discover the height of a cone when the volume is 78.54 cm (cubed obviously) and the base is 6 centimeters. thanks so much :)

Hi Lillian,

The volume of a cone is 1/3 × (the area of the base) × (the height). If the base is a circle of radius r units then the volume is 1/3 × π r2 × (the height). I'm not sure is the 6 cm you gave is the radius or the diameter of the circular base but in either case find the radius r and then solve 1/3 × π r2 × (the height) = 78.54 for the height.


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