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Question from Malik;

Luc makes $1 profit on each tool he sells. Marc makes a $2 profit while paying $5 less for his tools than Luc. Marc thus makes $6 more profit for every $100 invested. How much does Luc pay for his tools??

Hi Malik,

I can get you started.

Suppose that Luk pays $S for each tool he buys then Marc pays $(S - 5) for each tool. Thus with a $100 investment Luc can buy 100/S tools and Marc can buy 100/(S - 5) tools.

Do you see what to do next?

If you need more help write back,

Malik wrote back

hi Penny it's Malik;

i asked u a question "How much does Luc pay for his tools?"

i couldn't solve it. i even can't make the equation.


Luk buys 100/S tools and makes $1 profit on each tool so his profit is $1 × 100/S. Marc buys 100/(S - 5) tools and on each tool he makes a profit of $2 so his profit is $2 × 100/(S - 5). Marc's profit is $6 more than Luk's profit.

Can you complete it now?

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