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Question from Marina, a parent:

I really want to know the answer to this problem for my 6th grade son.
I've already sent this question with the drawing but I couldn't send it
correctly. I hope this one will pass through.
Q: Divide evenly and identical the figure representing a lot,into four for
the 4 siblings. I've sent a figure drawing as attachment. I will describe
this incase it will not reach you: its a square divide into 4 triangle
and 1 triangle is taken out living a letter M figure and
this letter M figure is the one that will be divided.into 4 even and
identical parts.

Thank you. I hope I have describe the figure well.



I get four equal lots each consisting of two triangles connected by a vertex: Draw a horizontal line through the center of the square, and also a vertical line through the middle of the square. Both lines go through the middle vertex of the M. So now the figure is separated into a top left triangle, a top right triangle,
a bottom left square and a bottom right square. Separate each bottom square into four little triangles just like the original square was divided. Now you get

Lot A: The top left triangle and the little west triangle of the bottom left square.

Lot B: The little triangles north and east of the bottom left square and the little north triangle of the bottom right square.

Lot C: The little triangles west and south of the bottom right square and the little triangle south of the bottom left square.

Lot D: The top right triangle and the little east triangle of the bottom right square.

4 equal lots


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