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Question from Michelle, a parent:

My daughter and I are having trouble with this problem...All it says i solve thr formula for the indicated variable.
Height of an Equilateral Triangle.

Solve for s:

H= square root of 3/2 * S


If you have an equilateral triangle with each side of length s units then you can find the height, h, of the triangle using the expression

h=root3/2 s

The instruction "Solve for s" is asking you to manipulate this equation to arrive at the form

s = some expression involving h.

To do this I would first take the original expression h=root3/2 sand multiple both sides by 2 to obtain

2h = √3 s.

Now divide both sides by √3 and the expression becomes

(2h)/√3 = s,

or written more neatly

s = 2/root3 h

I hope this helps,

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