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Question from nick, a student:
Hi, I am doing a project on system of equations by using comparison method, but for some reason or another, i can't seem to find any information on the comparison method at all. So, please would you help me by giving me a website
that you know of that has some information on my method. And, if you know the answer, can you please tell me why or when do we use system of equations by
using comparison method?


If you Google "system of equations" "comparison method" you will find what you are looking for. (Not all the sites you find will use the terms in the sense you are looking for) Some you may need to download as HTML. The document from Nipissing University seems like a good place to start.

Some questions to consider: What exactly is it? Is it applicable to systems of arbitrary dimension? Is it used by the general mathematical community or a definable subpopulation? Is it geting more or less popular? What are its advantages (if any) and disadvantages (if any)?

Good hunting!

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