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Question from robert:

back of property is 137' across,with an angle of 122deg.on the left side and an angle of 140 deg. on the right side,the left side is 123' and the right side is 93' long,the left front is 130 deg. and the right front side is 150 deg. and the front of the property measures 78'


Can you send us a diagram of the property? I am having trouble drawing it. I need to see what angles you are measuring. You can scan and email a drawing Quandaries and Queries or fax it to Math Central.


Robert sent back a diagram


I still have a problem with this lot. The angles at A and B that you have labeled as 140o and 120o can't have those measurements. They are both less than 90o. I thought maybe it was the external angles that have these measurements, the angles I have labeled in red. That would make the 4 internal angles

130o at C
140o at D
180o - 140o = 40o at A
180o - 120o = 60o at B

But the four internal angles must add to 360o and 130o + 140o + 40o + 60o = 370o. There is something wrong with the description you have of your lot.


Robert wrote back

I hope this is better


Perfect, but now you can find the area yourself. Go to our four-sided lot size tool, input the side lengths and the size of one of the angles and then click on the recalculate button.

If you need more assistance write back,

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