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Question from Robyn, a student:

Okay, I know you have some answers on converting this already, but I can not convert the yoghurt pot I need yet into ml.

Is there some way to explain this using the yoghurt as an example? The pot's 150g of lowfat strawberry yoghurt... would the 'low-fat' have an effect on this?

I'm sorry if this is a bother for you to answer, I just don't seem to be able to get it...

Have a nice day.
- Robyn

Hi Robyn,

How many millilitres of yogurt you have depends on the density of the yogurt. If you do not know the density you cannot convert from grams to millilitres. Grams is a unit of mass and millilitres of a unit of volume so you cannot convert from one to the other with out some additional information. The formula for density is

density = mass / volume

So if you wanted to find out the volume you would have to divide the mass by density.

Check out this question someone else asked about density:

Hope this helps,



Do you know the dimensions and shape of the pot? If you can accurately describe the pot with its dimensions we may be able to calculate its volume in millilitres.


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