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Question from Shelly, a student:

I need to know how to divide 0007 by 100 and soon! and I have no idea how I can get 100 to go into a number like that! here's the question this problem originated from:

change the decimal into a percent:
0.0007 _________

How do I change THAT number into a percent?

How do I change 12.455 and 92.348 and 29.005 into percents as well? I know how to change numbers like 0.6 and 0.70 into percents but not the numbers I told you I'm having problems with. Please someone explain this to me and also please focus mainly on the first number I asked about but don't forget the others please. Please reply ASAP I need to know this in about a week or less!


The word cent comes from the Latin word centum meaning one-hundred. Thus percent is "per 100".

Writing a number as a percent is an exercise in equivalent fractions.

0.60 = 6/10 = 60/100 or "60 per 100" which is 60%.

12.455 = 1245.5/100 or "1245.5 per 100" which is 1245.5%

0.0007 = 0.07/100 which is 0.07%.

I hope this helps,

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