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Question from Shelly, a student:

Here's the link to a picture of my math question:

it's on page 12 by the way.

My question is when it says change 5/6 into a percent I know I'm supposed to divide 5 by 6 and then I get

and then it says multiply by 100, I got 83 as an answer but the book says it's
! How can this be? Please explain :( and I only have around 2 hours to get an answer because I have to go to my math tutor so please answer asap because i don't want to ask my tutor because i'll feel dumb because I was supposed to know this already!

p.s. those periods don't mean anything, it's just to avoid typos. the bar does mean something though


Yes, the bar over the 3 does mean something. Divide 5 by 6 using long division WITHOUT A CALCULATOR. Continue the division for 6 places after the decimal point. That will show you what the bar over the 3 means.


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