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Question from Walter, a student:

What is the volume of a pipe 7.92 inches inside diameter and 22 km. long in cubic feet of water


...7.92 inches inside diameter ...

Ugh! Who made _that_ one up? Let's stick to one system of units.

1 inch = 2.54 cm [type "inch" into Google to get this if you don't know it]

so 7.92 in. is how many cm?________________

Volume of a cylinder = length x area

so we need to know area.

Area = π r2

(you knew, right) so we need to know radius

radius = diameter/2

= how many centimeters? __________

Now find the area ________________

and multiply by length

...and 22 km. long...

There are 100 cm in a meter and 1000 m in a km

so length in cm is ____________________

Multiply and get volume in cubic cm.___________

Now convert back [go to Google to find how many liters in a cubic foot; a liter is a thousand cubic centimeters.] And your answer cubic feet of water _____________________




After you have completed the steps outlined above not before you can check your answer using our volume calculator.


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