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Question from chris:

i need to calculate the force for a tube. given the follwing data.

pressure is 900 PSI

Tube is 6 m long by 1.5m Outside Diameter

Hi Chris,

You actually need the diameter of the opening of the pipe to be able to find the force. Pressure can be defined as force over an area (Pressure=Force/Area). If we manipulate the equation then Pressure×Area=Force so we need the pressure and the area of the opening.

For example sake, let's say the opening of the tube is 1.1m in diameter this means that the area of the opening is about 0.95m2. 1 pound/square inch ≈ 6.89 ×103 newton/square meter so 900 pound/square inch = 6.21 ×106 newton/square meter. So then to find force

F=(6.21 ×106 N/m2)×0.95m2=5899500 N

Hope this helps,


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