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Question from Jake, a student:

Can anyone answer this I am very stumped.
The flagpole on the roof of a Chocolate Factory is 13 cm in diameter and
a perfect cylinder. If one end of a 2300-cm-long string is attached to the top
of the flagpole, and wraps around the flagpole exactly 16 times before ending
at the bottom of the flagpole, how tall is the flagpole? Need answer by Wednesday

Hi Jake,

I take this to mean that the 2300 cm long string hangs from the top of the flagpole and the slack at the end of the rope is used up by wrapping it around the flagpole 16 times. The cross section of the flagpole is a circle of diameter 13 cm and the circumference of a circle is pi x d where d is the diameter. How much of the string is used in wrapping it around the flagpole 16 times?



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