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Question from Judy:

Is it possible to get a complete list of the possible 4 number combinations between 1 and 9?

Hi Judy,

A complete list of 4 number combinations using digit 1-9 is pretty easy to do yourself using a spreadsheet program like Excel. I use a program called Numbers but this method works for any spreadsheet program.

Enter the smallest possible 4 digit number 1111 in the first cell:

In the cell below enter the equation A1+1 (make sure the equal sign appears)

Next select the cell you just enter the equation in and click and drag downward, this will copy the equation

The problem is that the equation creates some 4 digit numbers that contain a 0. We do not want to delete these numbers we just want to hide them. I used the Sort & Filter in Numbers, looking for all values that contained a 0 then I hide the rows that contained them.

You can do the same thing in Excel with the Find tool but make sure you are looking in the "Values" and not the "Formula"

After the rows with 0s are hidden, you have a complete list of 4 digit numbers using numbers 1-9

Hope this helps,



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