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I mixed 100 ml of 28% Ammonium nitrate, with 100 mL of 68% nitric acid. What is the concentration of the resulting solution?

Thank you

Hi Manjola,

If you mix 100 ml of 28% Ammonium nitrate with 100 mL of 68% nitric acid it means 72% of the Ammonium nitrate is water and 32% of the nitric acid is water. In other words,

100 mL x 0.28 = 28 mL of Ammonium nitrate

100 mL x 0.72 = 72 mL of water

100 mL x 0.68 = 68 mL of nitric acid

100 mL x 0.32 = 32 mL of water

So we know the 200 mL mixed solution will contain 104 mL of water and 96 mL of the resulting mix of Ammonium nitrate and nitric acid. What percentage is this?

Hope this helps,


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