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Question from Matt:

I quoted my customer $112.50 per 1,000 sheets per linear yards. My client said I was to high. I need to be at 18 cents per square inch. If I matched his 18 cents per square ines what would my linear yards per 1,000 sheets price be? It comes on a 12.5 inch roll.

Hi Matt,

There are 36 inches in a yard so each sheet is 36"x12.5" or 450 sq inches. The cost you quoted can be converted as follows

$112.50/(1 yard x 12.5") per 1000 sheets= $112.50/ 450 sq inches per 1000 sheets = $0.25 per sq inches per 1000 sheets

Using a little bit of algebra, we can convert back to 1 yard x 12.5", I removed the units to make it a little easier to see:

x/450 = $0.18 ⇒ multiply both sides of the equation by 450 to get rid of the fraction

450(x/450) = $0.18 (450)

x = $81

So $0.18 per square inch can also be written as $81 per linear yard.

Hope this helps,


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