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Question from asma, a student:

by using the suitable scales,draw both the graph of x/2 + y/4 =3 and y=2 on the same graph paper. Find the points of intersection of the two graph.


The equation y = 2 describes all points in the plane that have 2 as their y-coordinate. This is the horizontal line, 2 units above the X-axis.

The equation x/2 + y/4 =3 describes a straight line ad hence to plot it you only need to find two points on the line and then join them using a ruler. One point on the line is the point with x = 0. When x = 0 the equation becomes y/4 = 3 and hence y = 12. Thus (0, 12) is on the line. What point on the line satisfies y = 0?


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