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Question from Blanche, a parent:

I do a fair amount of gardening when the weather permits. Just wondered if anyone call tell me what a 22 litre bag of topsoil would weigh and how to convert that. My husband says 20 lbs. I say no way I think it's more. Thanks to whomever can help me. :)

Hi Blanche,

The best way might be to weigh a bag on your bathroom scale. If you want a calculation I can help somewhat.

Not all topsoil weighs the same so that's the difficulty I have. I found a table that gives the density in pounds per cubic foot (lb. per cf-)for various materials. Look in the table under Earth for various kinds of topsoil. I then used Google to convert 22 liters to cubic feet. I typed 22 litres in cubic feet into Google and got the response 22 litres = 0.776922668 cubic feet. So choose the line in the table you think best fits your topsoil and multiply the density in pounds per cubic foot by 0.78.

I hope this helps,

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