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Question from Brian, a parent:

Hello I am having a problem figuring out something. Someone told me that .98 is the same as 2% how is this possible, how did they figure this out
here is my example 929.79 x .98 = 911.19, is the same as 929.79 x 2% = 18.59, now minus the 18.59 and you will end up with 911.19, how did they convert 2%
to .98, please help this is driving me nuts as I am not very good at math. Thank you

Warmest Regards

Hi Brian,

0.98 is NOT 2%, it's 98%.

I can perhaps see where the person who told you this is confused. If you are purchasing an item the costs $929.79 and the seller is giving you a 2% discount he would say that your cost is $929.79 × 0.98 = $911.19.

I hope this helps,

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