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Question from Darlene, a student:

I've been searching for far to long...I know it's a simple question, I just can't find the solution.

A towers actual height is 300m. An architect makes a scale drawing using a scale factor of 0.0001

A) how tall is the tower in the drawing?

B) if the drawing was 4cm high, what would the scale factor be?

I need step by step instructions. Will it (step by step) work on all problems?

Hi Darlene,

Beside the tower is a 20 m tree. Since the scale is 0.0001 the height of the tree in the drawing is

0.0001 × 20 = 0.002 m.

There are 1000 mm in a m so 0.002 m is 2 mm.

Hence the scale factor times the actual dimension gives you the dimension on the diagram. Can you now see how to answer part B)?


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