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Friend sent me the following, and as good as I am in math, I am terrible with math comprehension problems. Any help given here would be greatly appreciated.

A mother is 21 years older than her kid and within 6 years the child will be 5 times younger than the mother. Where is the Father?

Again, thanks.



Oh, that's cute...

Let C and M be the ages, you get 5(C+6) = (M+6), which reduces to 5C + 24 = M. As we also have C+21=M, we get 4C = -3, or C = -9 months.

The father's current location can easily be deduced!



I think it is a question in biology: Let X be the age of the mother, so X - 21 is the age of the child. I think the intended meaning is In EXACTLY 6 years the child will be EXACTLY 5 times younger than the mother: 5(X - 21 + 6) = X + 6,
This gives X = 20.25, whence the child's age is 20.25 - 21 = -0.75.
Here you need to apply biology.


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