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Question from Jodi:

What percentage of $2,500.00 (monthly mortgage payment)would I pay
per month - if I make $2,200.00 per month and my partner makes
$6000.00 per month?
Thank you.

Hello Jodi,

I guess the answer depends on what you think is a fair split. One side of the coin being that you should split it 50/50 regardless of the difference in your personal incomes. The other side being what I think you want to be figured out, if your partner earns more money than you then they should pay more of the mortgage than you.

If that's the case you can figure it out as follows:

Your combined income is $8,200.00 therefore your portion of that
income is $2,200/$8,200 = 0.268.... or 26.8%.
In this case, you should pay 0.268($2500) = $670 each month.


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