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Question from Louis, a student:

A hockey puck has a diameter of 7.5 cm and a thickness of 2.5 cm.
What is its Volume?
A copper pipe with an inside diameter of 1cm. is 4m long.
What volume of water (in cm3) can it hold?


A hockey puck has the shape of a cylinder, so its volume can be
calculated using the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

Similarly, a copper pipe is also a cylinder.
In our calculation of volume, we must ensure that our units correspond
to each other. So, if I choose to use centimetres, then all lengths
should be in centimetres, etc...
We are given that the diameter of the pipe is 1cm, but the length is 4
Convert centimetres into metres (or vice versa) first, then use the
volume formula.

You can also use our handy calculator:


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